How to play baccarat and always win at bookmaker W88

How to play baccarat and always win This game has been loved by many bettors recently. Today’s article will guide you how to play baccarat and always win in an easy-to-understand way. Follow W88 to learn how to play baccarat and win 100 – experience playing baccarat. Experience playing baccarat at this classy online dealer .

Some detailed information about the game baccarat

This is a game that determines winners and losers based on the score of their cards. That means the players will compare their scores with the house. The side with more points will win and vice versa. In case both sides have the same number of points, the result will be a draw.

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How to play baccarat and always win

Baccarat rules at bookmaker W88

If you want, there is a way to play baccarat that always wins . First you must clearly understand the rules of this famous card game. The rules of Baccarat are quite simple. As a new player, you don’t need to worry at all. Below are details about the rules of this game that new players can refer to.

Terminology used in baccarat

If you want to always win at baccarat , you need to understand the terms used in the game. When new players start betting, they are not familiar with the conditions of the game. If you want to play well, you must first understand these conditions in detail as follows:

  • Dealer: In Vietnamese, the dealer in Baccarat is called the “dealer” or sometimes also called the “dealer”. This term refers to the person who is distributing the cards to the players and the bank.
  • Banker: In Baccarat, the “banker” is the player who bets the most and represents the house. 
  • Player: In Baccarat, a “player” is a person who participates in the baccarat game by betting on the dealer or banker’s hand. 
  • Automatically draw more cards: When the player’s or the bank’s score reaches 8 or 9, or both, there is no need to draw more cards. However, if their score is lower, they can request to draw more cards. 
  • Player: This is the hand that the player can bet on. If the free hand wins, the player will receive money at a 1:1 ratio. 
  • Banker: This is the hand that players can bet on. If your hand wins, the player will receive money at a 1:1 ratio minus 5% bank fee. 
  • Tie: This is a situation when both the player and the bank have the same score. Players can bet on a tie and if there is a tie, they will receive money at a higher rate, usually 8:1 or 9:1. 

How to calculate points when betting baccarat

Scoring is something every player must know when betting on Baccarat. This is very important for players to clearly understand the card drawing rules of the game as follows:

  • Cards 2 through 9 are counted at their face value. That is, the second card is counted as 2 points.
  • J, Q, K and 10 cards count as 0 points.
  • Card A counts as 1 point.
  • If the total score of the cards is 2 or more, subtract the tens. The player only takes the number of units, for example the total score of the cards is 16 then the player has 6 points.

How to bet and deal cards while playing

When betting on baccarat, players do not need to deal 3 cards. Initially, the dealer and the player will be dealt 2 cards. There will be 3 cases that affect the decision to draw more cards or not:

  • Case 1: The total score of the 2 cards is approximately from 0 to 5. The player has the right to draw the 3rd card.
  • Case 2: The total score of both cards is 6 or 7. The player cannot draw any more cards.
  • Case 3: The total score of 2 cards is 8 or 9. The player automatically wins by default.

How to play baccarat and always win

How to play baccarat and win 100 – experience playing baccarat. Here’s how to play baccarat and always win for casino beginners. 

The way to always win when playing baccarat is to strictly follow the rules set by the house.

The first thing players need to remember is to comply with the rules of playing baccarat at the house. Complying with the rules of the game helps new players avoid unnecessary losses. Thanks to that, players can preserve their betting capital. However, some losses also help players gain experience when betting on baccarat. 

On the other hand, following the rules of the game also helps bettors easily remember how to play. At the same time, avoid unexpected and confusing situations that lead to losing bets. Players can stay calm and focus on analyzing the next match.

How to play baccarat and always win – Set specific goals

Before you start playing, set a specific goal about how much money you want to earn from this game. When you reach that goal, stop.

How to play baccarat and always win – Smart budget management

Capital management is an important factor in every game of chance. Set in advance the maximum and minimum bets you are willing to accept. And follow this rule throughout the game.


The above article has provided information on how to play baccarat and always win . Don’t hesitate to register for extremely attractive baccarat, W88 offers 90k for first-time participants.

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