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What is goal scorers betting?Refers to the types of betting in soccer betting. Betting on goal scorers is considered a new type of betting that many people are interested in. It is developed and built on the systems of today’s online bookmakers. So is this match easy to play? What are your chances of winning with it? Here’s all the information about goal scorer bets. We invite you to join W88 to learn and get the widest perspective .

What is goal scorers betting?

In the Top Scorer tournament, Top Scorer is a type of match where players have to bet on the player they predict will score in the match. There are many different types of bets such as betting on which player will score the first goal. Bet on the last goal to be scored. Bet on who will score the most goals in a soccer match…

In case a player scores a goal according to a certain bet. You will win the prize amount set by the host. On the contrary, if you lose, you will completely lose the amount you previously bet. This is essentially a type of side bet. It is a rolling bet chosen by many players looking for additional bonuses. Subjectively, this type of betting has quite a high level of difficulty. This requires you to have good experience when participating in betting.

What is goal scorers betting?

How to play goal scorer betting to choose a scorer?

To bring you an effective, reasonable way to bet and a high chance of winning. You must have the right way to play. For this type of goal scorers betting, you cannot rely and put too much faith in the luck factor. Because it will not suit those who rely on human dignity.

  • Based on the team’s performance: The first way to play scorer betting that you need to register is to learn and collect information about the performance of the team you bet on. Which key players are in the starting lineup? How did that player perform? Key striker…
  • Club Reputation: A team’s reputation is built over a long process. And of course reputation is built on famous victories, for example Barcelona has M10, MU has CR7…
  • Individual player in attack and defense: a team with strong attack power, good individuals, stable performance. And the important striker will definitely bet on your success. 

What is your experience in betting on goal scorers?

To bet on goalscorers effectively, members must carefully prepare the following points:

  • Psychology: Psychology is a powerful weapon that will bring you closer to each victory. The more important the matches are, the matches with many members betting and watching, you definitely have to pay attention. Don’t listen to the influence of the crowd. Keep a stable position
  • Game rules: Game rules in top scorer bets or any other type of bet are very important. You must master the betting rules. Bet level Or the bonus you receive when you win or lose a bet. So before betting on the scorer. You must read the dealer’s instructions carefully.
  • Finance: Finance is money. That is an indispensable factor to help you participate in scoring goals. The experience of veteran players is when playing soccer with players who regularly score goals and play well. They often place big bets and vice versa.

Questions related to goalscorer betting often revolve around predictions about which player will score in a match. Or the number of goals a particular player will score. Here are some frequently asked questions about scorer odds:

Which player will score first in the match?

This is a popular type of bet where players predict which player will score first in the match.

Who will score the last goal in the match?

Similar to the question above, players bet on which player will be the last to score in a match.

Which player will score the most goals in the match?

This is a bet that involves predicting which player will score the most goals in a match.

What is the total number of goals scored by a particular player?

Players bet on a specific number, predicting the number of goals a player will score in a match.

Which player will score first for team A or team B?

Similar to the first question, but linked to a specific football team.

Number of goals scored by a player during the season?

Predict the number of goals a specific player will score over the course of a season.

Which player will be the top scorer of the tournament?

Predict which player will score the most goals in a specific tournament or season.

Who will score during a specific period of the match?

Players predict which player will score during a certain period of a match, such as the first or second half.


Betting on goalscorers is a type of bet used in each bookmaker’s side betting system. However, they are most often chosen for them. We wish you success with the bets you take!

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