How to get a soccer betting site and postpaid

Online soccer betting is becoming a popular topic in the Vietnamese market. However, not everyone has enough money and capital to bet. Therefore, postpaid betting sites are being born. So what are the characteristics of monthly betting? How to get a soccer betting site? Let’s find out with W88 in the following article .

Learn how to get a soccer betting site

Back betting is a form that satisfies the needs of many bettors who do not have capital. This way, players can bet at the bookmaker’s address with as much money as possible without having to deposit a large amount of money from the beginning. Only after the match ends do players have to pay money to the house. This way of playing is quite similar to prepaid and monthly phone scratch cards. One side is to deposit money and play. The downside is that when you play hard, you pay the price.

Learn how to get a soccer betting site

Instructions on how to get a soccer betting site

After understanding the basic concepts. Players see how to get a soccer betting site as follows to get a soccer betting site:

Super master

Super Master is the highest level you can get a soccer betting site. To be able to receive the ball at this level, gamblers must have enough time and accumulate many years of betting experience. It’s also so famous that a bookie could be built. Not only that, the upfront fee to join this level is about 4,000,000 VND for each registrant.

After filling out all paperwork and meeting all conditions to become a Supermaster. Players will be allowed to manage betting sites at different levels. Players will then be allowed to use a soccer betting site to place bets.


Master is one level smaller than Supermaster. When participating at this level, the number of betting sites assigned to the ball receiver will be less. Simply put, the Super Master is a regular spy and the Master is a micro-agent. Each representative unit has its own code to distinguish it from each other. Unlike super players, master class postpaid ball receipt fee is only approximately 3,000,000 VND for each registrant.

Agent. agent

After super master and master, agent is the lowest form to get a soccer betting site . It is not decentralized like the smaller agencies at the main level. The agency level only allows creating betting accounts for players. After the player successfully registers an account, you can place bets without having to deposit money first into the house. Due to limited resources, the cost of receiving a representative-level soccer ball is only about 2,000,000 VND.

Benefits of getting a soccer betting website

Get a soccer betting site brings many benefits to players such as:

Players can bet at any time without worrying about their money.

Maximum savings on issues related to depositing and trading money for betting.

Reduce unnecessary middlemen and victims.

Things to keep in mind when wanting to get a soccer betting site

As analyzed and recommended above. Get a soccer betting site is new and exciting. But there are still many potential risks. Therefore, bettors need to pay attention to the following points:

Collect information

Before starting to bet money on matches, players must carefully analyze information such as: football confrontation history, starting lineup, style and playing style of each player, tactics of each player. Players, coaches… From there, it acts as a basis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each team and make more accurate betting choices.

Choose a bookmaker

This is because using a monthly betting website has many advantages such as not having to deposit money in advance but still being able to bet and receive rewards. Therefore, players must find a reputable bookmaker to trust. In case you choose the wrong bookmaker, you will encounter unnecessary risks such as data leaks. And difficulty in paying later.


Above is the betting experience to easily get a reputable soccer betting site . You will definitely enjoy participating in this sports betting. W88 betting website wishes everyone good luck and success when participating in betting.

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