What is ft in soccer? Explain the meaning of Ft soccer betting

What is FT in soccer? You may have encountered this term initially or while learning how to read soccer odds on message boards provided by online bookmakers. In fact, this is a fairly common acronym. But not all new players understand this clearly without guidance. Let’s add lottery houses. Let’s look at it in detail in this W88 article .

What is FT in soccer?

What is FT in soccer? This is the abbreviation for “full time” – meaning the official playing time of the match has ended.

FT is completely different from HT – half-time refers to the playing time in the first or second half of an ongoing match.

When choosing to bet on FT, you need to accurately predict the final score of the match at the end of the second half.

This is one of the hardest odds to predict. Playing long lines takes twice as long as other types of HT odds.

In addition, playing FT also has advantages that make players excited such as having more time to observe the developments of the entire match.

Unlike betting on the first half, you can expect the match to “change” in the second half. Because this is an important period with many unexpected situations.

The bonus for FT bets is high compared to other bets. You only need a small amount of capital to be able to gain a lot of profit when forecasting accurately.

What is FT in soccer?

When you understand what FT means in soccer. Don’t forget to add the types of bets that the house often offers to members.

Currently, there are still 3 most diverse types of odds: Asian FT odds. European FT odds and over/under odds, including:

  • Over/Under odds: This is a bet on the total number of goals scored during the official time of a match. When participating in this bet, the house offers certain odds. If the total number of goals scored by both teams is predicted to be more than the home team’s odds, choose HIGH, otherwise choose LOW.
  • Asian Handicap: Also known as handicap. This is a type of bet that determines the difference in overall strength of the two participating teams. Therefore, the home team offers a handicap for the stronger team compared to the weaker team to create balance in the match.
  • European match betting: Depending on the final results at the time of the match of the two teams to determine the bettor’s win or loss.

What was the great experience of playing FT in soccer?

To bring high winning rates when creating a soccer betting account to participate in this betting. Players must rely on both learned knowledge and accumulated experience. That’s not just baseless judgment.

Understanding what FT in soccer is combined with remembering the secrets to playing well. You will always win when participating in this bet.

Here are the most accurate FT betting tips I’ve collected from the experts:

Don’t pay too much attention to the score in the first half.

Predicting the outcome of battles is not convenient, because in football unexpected things can always happen.

In the first half, the two teams usually only play trivial matches to test their opponent’s playing style and physical strength. On the other hand, right when the second half started. The war will officially explode with eye-catching matches.

Therefore, when playing FT odds, we should not pay too much attention or focus too much on the first half score. The second half is an important time for the whole team to maximize their potential and try to win.

You have to trust your assessment of the fight ahead of time. In particular, you should not hesitate and miss the opportunity. This note is also a point often mentioned when playing online betting, trust in your own choices.

What are the things to note when playing FT in soccer?

The element of luck is one of the most important things for us every time we bet. But in reality, luck is not always there to support you.

Carefully evaluate the playing conditions of the two teams before the match to create your own luck.

What are the main factors besides the definition of FT in soccer that you need to pay attention to such as:

  • Current performance of the two teams
  • Player injury status
  • History of previous confrontations


Once you understand every detail of what FT in soccer is, your win rate will increase quickly.

Because of this, you do not need to depend too much on luck to win.


W88 has provided you with useful information about what FT in soccer is along with the most accurate FT betting tips. In fact, this way of betting is very simple. But beginners can still understand.

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