What is a double chance bet? An effective way to play double chance to make money

Betting enthusiasts will certainly be familiar with double chance bets . This is one of the simplest forms of betting with attractive rewards. Although it’s easy, there are many “support” methods that can help you increase your chances of making accurate predictions. Let W88 help you better understand this betting bet through the following article .

What is a double chance bet?

Double chance bets are called Double Chance, which means Double Chance betting. This is a very popular form of betting from Europe. This way of betting has a high chance of winning because with each bet the bettor can win 2 times.

Double chance bets are very popular with professional bettors. Because of the ability to win big prizes when betting supports up to 3 attractive bets: Home team wins or draws the match. The away team wins or draws the match. The home team wins or the away team wins.

What is a double chance bet?

How to bet on Double Chance bets you need to know

The nature of Double Chance Betting is that the bettor chooses 2 out of 3 official results of the match. Compared to other types of bets, Double Chance has less money but the probability of winning is very high.

Symbols available in Double Chance Bets

First, when choosing to bet on these odds. You need to make sure you know the following symbols:

  • 1X: This is the symbol in case the home team wins or draws.
  • 12: This is the symbol in case the home team wins or the away team wins.
  • X2: This is the symbol for the drawing team or away team winning.

How to bet on double chance – Double Chance

The next step is knowing how to bet specifically.

  • Player chooses 1X: When the home team wins or draws. The player wins and receives the prize immediately. However, if the away team wins, the player will lose and lose the entire bet amount.
  • Option 12: When the match ends but there is no draw. The player will win and receive a bonus. That means the result is either the away team wins and the home team loses, or the away team loses and the home team wins.
  • Bet X2: The away team wins or draws. You will win and get a bonus. If the home team wins, you will lose your entire bet.

Tips for playing double chance bets to win easily

Double chance bets are one of the simplest and most popular bets to play today. But besides relying on luck, there are also professional playing methods that will help you in betting.

Tell you your chances of winning will be higher with the double chance betting tips below.

Bet on a quality playing field

If you want to double the benefits of your opportunity, you should trust a reputable playground. Choose a big, safe house. and accessible internationally

If you bet with a low quality bookmaker and shows signs of fraud. You will definitely lose money. Therefore, you should only bet when you find a truly stable playing field.

Record competition data

Double Chance Betting is very easy. But you still need to research carefully. Before betting, you should focus on learning and then using your natural skills to play better.

You will bet more accurately and your chances of winning are within your reach. Information regarding the competition must be clearly understood. Even the smallest data If you choose the weaker team, you must be very careful. The more meticulous you are, the more chances of winning.

You should also come up with a number for each match, detail it and best not miss it. Then analyze specifically and choose the correct bet level.

Keep track of each team’s form.

Another useful way to bet on double chances is to monitor the performance of each team. If the two teams in the upcoming match have different performance and success. You can easily determine the over and under odds.

The correct way is to choose the team with a higher win rate or both teams draw. This means choosing 1X or 2X format. If you find that the form and strength of the two teams are equal, you can choose the away team or the home team to win, which means betting 12. This analytical solution is extremely useful and will give you the opportunity to win. Association won attractive prizes. Good for you

Consider the competition’s history

Competition history is also a factor that you should pay attention to and analyze carefully. What you need to pay attention to is your ability to turn the situation around. That means you have to consider which team has the ability to turn the situation around but is on the underdog list. Betting experts often choose to bet on two teams winning or the underdog winning.

Pay attention to the matches in the playoffs.

In the qualifying round, bettors should believe that the draw or the underdog will win. Why did you choose that? Because big matches will certainly have special opportunities. Meanwhile, the payout rates for under-win bets and draw bets are much higher than other bets.

Always be careful when betting on double chance bets

When betting, any situation can happen and you must be careful. in any competition where you feel unbalanced or have different abilities. You should bet on a draw or a win.

Also, feel free to bet low. Many experienced players tend to choose low bets to ensure long-term wins. Instead of eating less, it’s better to endure the painful loss of a huge amount of money.


Therefore, double chance betting is an opportunity for you to often feel the taste of victory. In particular, you should immediately apply the 6 ways above to have more luck in the game.

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