Dart throwing betting – Instructions for dart throwing betting at W88

Dart throwing betting – Although dart betting is not popular in Vietnam, it has long been present in major bars around the world due to increasing customer demand. Therefore, this sports model is included in the dart throwing betting list by bookmaker W88 to ensure players make a profit. Please follow the content below with W88To learn how to play darts betting and see the Darts Betting Guide at W88 .

Betting on darts

Darts is a popular sport often seen at fairs and bars around the world. In addition, the gameplay is very easy to play. Therefore, bookmaker W88 has included this game in the list of interesting betting products on the website.

This attracts more and more people to bet at home because of its novelty and excitement. Furthermore, the rewards are rare and quite attractive to bettors.

Dart throwing betting

Basic rules of the darts betting game

If you want to become a good darts player, it is important that you understand the basic rules of darts betting below:

The referee has the right to make all decisions throughout the match. All changes affecting the result will void your bets.

You will receive your money back from the house in case the player you bet on fails or is eliminated from the competition.

If the match is postponed for more than 12 hours and cannot be continued. Bets will be void.

If the contest takes place before the scheduled date. All subsequent bets will be void.

Formula to calculate dart throwing betting odds

When compared to the formula for calculating the amount of money for this type of sports betting, it is quite easy to play as follows: Bonus = the house’s dart throw rate multiplied by the bet amount.

However, in situations where the match ends in a draw. Players will receive their bets back from the house.

Understanding the types of odds in darts betting at bookmaker W88 will be the key to helping your friends make huge profits easily. Special:

Handicap bet 

For this betting method, the player must decide whether the winning rate is high or low according to the rate given by the house. Of course the bonus is paid according to the respective density.

Bet even or odd

In this form, the gameplay is also very easy to play, suitable for all new players. Therefore, the player must guess whether the final score scored by the player in the match will be even or odd. Then place your bet. Payout density depends on the house.

Over/under betting odds 

like parity The player must decide whether the final score is over or under based on the bookmaker’s tightness. 

Bet on the winner

Completely different from the above forms of dart betting. Compared to this way of playing, you don’t need to care about goals or scores. You just have to guess which player will win the final game.

Instructions for betting on darts at W88

Simple instructions on how to play darts betting at bookmaker W88. You need to follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Visit the W88 bookmaker link to register an account. Then proceed with banking operations according to the amount.
  • Step 2: At the main interface, select Sports => Throwing darts.
  • Step 3: Finally you will see a list of odds tables. Choose the right odds and place your bet. 

Share the secret to success in darts betting

To share the secret to success in darts betting. First of all, we need to clearly understand this type of sport. Dart throwing is a sport that requires players to have high concentration skills, patience and mental stability. Here are some important tips for success in betting on this sport.

Understand the players and history

For a closer look at the sport of darts. You need to learn about top athletes, their playing styles and past achievements. The history of the sport also provides important information about its development and trends.

Analyze strengths and weaknesses

When evaluating athletes or teams, you need to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This helps you make more accurate predictions about the contest results.

Follow the latest information

Update information on the training situation, health and psychology of players. These factors can significantly influence the contest results.

Smart capital management

Before placing a bet, identify a specific source of capital and follow capital management principles. Don’t bet too much as it can cause great damage to your wallet.

Learn how to calculate odds

Understanding how bookmakers calculate odds will help you make the right decisions when placing bets.


The above information is shared about darts betting. Hopefully the above information will help players in betting and bring big wins.

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