What is CSGO game? How to bet on CSGO game at W88

What is CSGO game? CSGO, also known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, is one of the most famous and popular first-person shooter (FPS) games in the world. With beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay and a large community. CSGO has become one of the games with the largest number of players in the world. Join W88 to find out the appeal of this game!

Find out what game CSGO is?

What is CSGO game? CSGO is the fourth version in the Counter-Strike series. Developed from a mod of Half-Life in 1999. Since then, subsequent versions of the game have been released and attracted many players around the world. However, in 2012, when CSGO was launched, it brought a new wave to the gaming community with beautiful graphics, improved gameplay and many new features.

After its launch, CSGO received great support from the gaming community and became one of the most popular games on Steam. Since then, Valve has continuously updated and added new features to the game, helping it maintain its appeal and attract many new players. Currently, CSGO is still being developed and there are many tournaments and events held every year, attracting the attention of both players and spectators.

Find out what game CSGO is?

Gameplay of CSGO

What is CSGO game mode?

CSGO has two main game modes: “Basic Map” and “Challenge”. In “Basic Map” mode, players will be able to choose one of two factions, “Terrorist” or “Counter-Terrorist” and participate in matches to complete objectives such as placing bombs or holding positions. Meanwhile, “Challenge” mode will take players into matches with different requirements and conditions, from killing a certain number of enemies in a certain time to completing tasks. Specific tasks.

Weapons and equipment

CSGO has a variety of different weapons and equipment for players to choose from and use in matches. From rifles, shotguns, firearms to bombs and support equipment, all can be purchased with in-game currency. Players can also customize and upgrade their weapons to increase their effectiveness in battle.

Community and tournament

One of the special features of CSGO is its large and vibrant community of gamers. Players can make friends, join groups and challenge each other. In addition, CSGO also has many tournaments and events held every year, attracting the attention of both players and audiences.

What are the special features of csgo game?

Prime Matchmaking

Prime Matchmaking is a new feature introduced by Valve in 2016 to reduce the number of fake accounts in the game. Players can enable this feature by linking their Steam account to their phone number. This feature not only helps players avoid fake accounts but also provides a fairer gaming experience.


The Workshop is a place that allows players to upload and share custom maps, skins, and other content for CSGO. This helps players customize and change the game’s interface to their liking.

Ranks system

CSGO has a ranking system to rank players based on skills and achievements in the game. Players can climb to higher ranks by participating and winning matches.

How to bet on CSGO game at W88

How to bet what game is csgo? To bet on CSGO game at W88. First you need to have a login account on their website. Once logged in, you’ll need to navigate to the sports or eSports section of the website and select a game.

Once you have selected the CSGO game, you will see a list of matches or events related to this game. You can choose a specific match on which you want to bet. When you select that match, you will see different betting options such as which team will win, the total number of games, the specific score for each game, and many other types of bets.

Once you have chosen the type of bet you want to place. You just need to enter the amount you want to bet and confirm your bet. Note that betting on the game CSGO requires a solid knowledge of the game and an understanding of the competing teams to be able to make the right decisions.

W88 offers many betting opportunities and different types of bets for players. Make sure you understand the game’s rules and conditions as well as the betting regulations before starting. Don’t forget to check out the promotions and bonuses that W88 can offer to players betting on CSGO.

Frequently asked questions about what game is CSGO?

Is it possible to make money from CSGO?

Yes, players can earn money from buying and selling skins and in-game items on the Steam Community Market.

How many CSGO players are there currently?

According to the latest statistics of Steam Charts, CSGO currently has about 500,000 average players per day.


What is CSGO game ? was explained above in the article. With special features, attractive gameplay and a large community. CSGO has become one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the world. If you are a fan of the Counter-Strike series or are looking for a new game. Try to experience CSGO and discover the interesting things it brings.

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