WHAT IS CLUB EZUGI W88? Join the most popular game now

WHAT IS CLUB EZUGI W88Club EZUGI W88 is one of the most attractive casino rooms at W88 Bookmaker. Joining this lobby is quite easy. But it will definitely cause confusion for new players. If you are a new member and don’t know how to play this game. Join us at W88 to discover what CLUB EZUGI W88 game is!


WHAT IS CLUB EZUGI W88? Club ESUGI W88 is one of 5 casino rooms of Bookmaker W88 and attracts many participants. W88 focuses on every detail, both content and images, so EZUGI W88 CLUB attracts a very large community of players.

Besides developing the W88 club, W88 has also launched the mobile version of Club EZUGi w88 on iOS and Android phones. If you do not know how to download this game, you can refer to the article. of W88club. W88 will guide you specifically in this article.

Ezugi Club has a professional information security system. The security technology of Club Ezugi and w88 is very advanced and modern. Therefore, players will feel completely secure when participating in betting. All player data is encrypted and protected with multiple layers.

Another advantage of Club Ezugi is its team of beautiful, professional and attractive dealers. The dealer is not only responsible for dealing the cards but is also responsible for playing the cards. But also ready to interact with players to give them a realistic feeling when participating in betting.


How to play WHAT IS CLUB EZUGI W88?

How to play CLUB EZUGI W88? Just like other games in W88 bookmaker. When participating in betting at Club Ezugi W88. Players must complete basic steps such as registration, account login, deposit, lobby selection, game selection, betting, level betting. Specifically each step is as follows: 

Step 1: Register an account and log in

Players use mobile phones or computers to access the official website of Bookmaker W88 at W88 listed above. At the interface on the right corner of the screen, players select “Register”, fill in all information and select “Confirm” to create an account.

Once the player has an account, just click “Log in” on the right side of the screen to log in to W88. 

You deposit money or transfer money to the game room fund you want to bet on by clicking on the word Transfer money in the right corner of the screen. Then choose to transfer money or deposit money if there is no money in the account. You can read the w88 deposit article if you don’t know how to deposit money into your account.

Step 2: Go to Club Ezugi.

You hover over “Online Casino” => Then click CLUB EZUGI to select the desired game. (You can experience it at other clubs such as club w, club palazzo, club Massimo,..)

Step 3: Choose bet type and bet level.

For example, you simply choose your desired bet level, place your bet, then play, using your experience and intelligence to win and take home the prize.

EZUGI W88 CLUB lobby is full of card games with many tables and different bet levels. Choose your favorite category. Participate in betting to increase capital. and receive attractive incentives from the council.

WHAT IS THE hottest game in CLUB EZUGI W88?

So far, we can confirm that Club Ezugi has a wide variety of games for its members. Here are some of the hottest games:

  • BACCARAT: This game has a similar gameplay to the Dragon Tiger game. The only difference is that the player with the highest total of 3 cards wins. There are 3 goals for players to choose from: Banker – Tie – Player.
  • DRAGON TIGER How to play: There are 3 bets: Dragon – Draw – Tiger. After dealing the cards. The winner is the one with the higher total score. K has the highest score of 13 points. The lowest ace has 1 point.
  • SICBO: Also known as Tai Xiu, the way to play Tai Xiu is quite simple. Players bet high or low. After completing the betting process, the operator rolls 3 dice to calculate points. If the total score of the 3 black jackpot numbers exceeds 11, it’s over. If it’s less than 11, it’s under.
  • Roulette: The player can only choose 1 box that the player considers his lucky number. The wheel spins boxes continuously from 0 to 36 if the last position falls on the number the player bets on. The player will be the winner.
  • BLACKJACK: Known as the most played game. Players may not want to miss this game. The table has 4 players betting at the same time. Players can play online on their mobile phones at home.


WHAT IS CLUB EZUGI W88 ? shared in detail above the article. This quality playground needs to be known more so that betting enthusiasts can experience it. Wishing you an exciting experience and big wins at our bookmaker.

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