Instructions for playing Blackjack W88 for beginners

Instructions for playing Blackjack W88 for beginnersHow to play blackjack w88 is quite similar to blackjack. But it brings many challenges. This forces players to focus on analysis and thinking to win. Join us to learn how to play Blackjack W88 in the article below .

What is Blackjack W88?

Blackjack W88 is a card game that compares scores between the player and the dealer. Blackjack is also known as a 21 card game because in this game players try to draw cards so that their total score is as close to or equal to 21 as possible but does not exceed that number.

Among the games at w88 casino, blackjack is a game that can be won using card counting techniques. Because of this, it has become a very popular card game in casinos.

Blackjack W88 uses a standard deck of 52 cards. First, the player and dealer are each dealt 2 cards. In short, the way to play blackjack is: The player must beat the dealer with a higher score but not more than 21.

What is Blackjack W88?

How to play blackjack W88 is very easy.

Blackjack is currently considered an attractive game and has the highest winning rate. To participate in playing blackjack W88, you must follow these instructions:

Step 1: Log in to bookmaker W88

First you need to access the W88 homepage by following the official link. Then log in to your betting account.

In case you do not have an account, you can register immediately with W88 to participate in the experience. Once you have successfully registered your account. You must deposit money into w88 to be able to play blackjack W88.

Step 2: Join Casino Club W88

To open the blackjack game, you need to select “Online Casino” => Select “Club Evolution”. After that, you can go to the “Blackjack” section to choose the table that is right for you.

Step 3: Go to the table and choose the bet level.

After pressing Select play now. There will be a blackjack game that you want to participate in.

Next, press enter. On the table there will be 3 bet levels for you to choose from. If you are a new player, you should choose a minimum bet of 25 VND – 5,000 VND.

Step 3: Proceed to bet on Blackjack W88

First, click on the betting chip, for example: Select betting chip 25, equivalent to 25,000 VND => Choose an arbitrary bet => Confirm bet.

Finally, you have to wait for the results to see if you win or lose.

When you win and accumulate a certain amount of money, you also have the right to withdraw money. You can withdraw money from w88 to your bank account in just a few quick and easy steps.

Detailed rules of Blackjack W88

Before starting to deal, players have 15 seconds to choose a goal and place a bet. You can only participate in the game after you have bet your chips. Specifically, the rules of playing blackjack W88 are as follows:

Scoring rules

The scoring method in Blackjack W88 is quite similar to Blackjack:

Cards from 2 to 10 are scored according to the number shown on the card regardless of suit. For example, the 2nd card is counted as 2 points, the 3rd card is counted as 3 points…

Jack, Qs and Ks count as 10 points.

Piece A will be counted as 1 point when the total score is greater than or equal to 11. In case the total score is less than 11 points, piece A will be counted as 11 points.

Blackjack W88 card drawing rules

After the dealer deals 2 cards, the player will have the right to draw more cards. As long as the total score does not exceed 21 points, when the player has finished drawing cards, the dealer also has the right to draw cards. However, w88 dealer can only draw this card when the total score is less than or equal to 16. If the total score is 17 or more, the dealer will stop drawing cards.

The rules determine winning or losing.

The player wins when the deck falls into one of the following cases:

  • The first two cards are worth 21 points (blackjack), meaning you will have 1 Ace (A) and 1 10, J, Q or K.
  • You have a total score higher than the dealer but not more than 21 points.
  • The dealer draws a card with a value greater than 21 points.
  • In addition, if both sides have the same number of points, it is considered a draw and you will receive back the amount you previously bet.

Some player options:

  • Draw More (+): You choose this option when you want to draw more cards.
  • Stop drawing cards (x): If you feel your score is high. You can select this command to stop drawing cards.
  • Double bet: This is the right to double the bet amount. After choosing, you can only draw 1 more card.
  • Insurance bet: If the dealer’s face card is an A, you can reduce your risk by placing a separate bet of half the original bet. If the dealer owns blackjack You will win this bet. But still have to lose the main bet.
  • Split or Fold: These two options only appear on the first turn if you have a pair of 8s or a pair of A’s. Choose “Fold” when you want to return your bet and play a new hand.
  • In case you choose “Deal”, the 2 cards will be divided into 2 new hands (each hand accounts for half of the number). At the same time, each hand can only draw 1 additional card. This time, no matter which hand it is. If your 10, J, Q or K is dealt then it only counts as 21 points and is not blackjack.


Above are instructions on how to play blackjack W88 from an experienced betting expert. Hopefully the above information can help you increase your chances of winning. If you don’t have an account, quickly register with w88 to participate in blackjack to receive many attractive promotions. Wish you have fun playing and make a lot of money from bookmaker W88!

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