Tips for you to recognize the correct Baccarat card positions

Tips for you to recognize the correct Baccarat card positionsCard games are one of the most attractive and attractive games for many bettors today. It is impossible not to mention the extremely hot game that is the card game Baccarat. Surely some of you still do not understand the cards in this subject. So what do Baccarat card positions include? Please follow the article below from Bookmaker W88 to better understand the card positions in baccarat of this game!

What do Baccarat card positions mean?

Players when playing Baccarat will have similar card positions. If you understand and understand this, you will know how to play effectively. The odds of players winning when participating in this card game are 50:50. In fact, bets demonstrate this most clearly.

Every game has its own rules and Baccarat is no exception. Players need to remember the rules firmly if they want to win. Baccarat has quite similar characteristics to the famous scratch card in Vietnam. Players will be able to bet on both Banker and Player sides. The player who has the highest card score close to 9 will win.

The difference with this game is that you follow some rules for drawing the third card. When dealing cards and starting to calculate points, the following Baccarat card positions may appear:

  • First hand: In case the dealer wins by 8 points versus 4 points. Then the distance will be: 8 – 4 = 4.
  • Second hand: player wins 7 points compared to 5 points. Then the distance will be 7 – 5 = 2.
  • Third hand: In case the dealer wins 9 points vs 0 points. Now the distance will be equal to: 9 – 0 = 9.
  • Fourth hand: Player wins 7 vs 4. Distance is calculated: 7 – 4 = 3.
  • Fifth hand: In case the player wins 8 versus 2. The distance is calculated as: 8 – 2 = 6.
What do Baccarat card positions mean?

Rules and scoring in Baccarat card positions

Like other card games that use 52 cards, so does Baccarat. However, the rules and scoring methods for Baccarat card positions are different. The cards in this card game will be assigned the following points:

  • Card A (ace) is the card with the smallest value corresponding to 1 point.
  • Cards from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 will correspond to the number of points they carry.
  • Cards that are 10, J, Q, K will be counted with a value of zero.
  • The suit of cards such as diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades will not affect the player’s score.
  • In Baccarat, the Joker card will not be used.
  • The highest score when playing Baccarat is 9. In case no player reaches the maximum score, the person with the highest score will win. The score in each hand is the total score of the cards. The game rules also stipulate that if 9 points are exceeded, the number of points must be deducted by ten. Therefore the highest score is only nine. For example, the Player’s house is dealt a 6 card and a 9 card. The score the player gets is 6 + 9 = 15, subtract 10 from 15 to equal 6.

Specific example of Baccarat card position

To help players clearly understand Baccarat card positions , the following are some specific examples. Let’s follow along to understand more about this Baccarat game!

Example 1

The player is dealt two cards, 4 and 5. The card does not look pretty, but in fact this card corresponds to 9 points. Any bet with this hand must have at least a draw and win. The scoring method for this case is quite simple and not difficult. Players just need to calculate the total score of 4 and 5 combined. Maybe when playing other games, this card position is not good, but for Baccarat, this card position is very beautiful.

Example 2

The player is dealt two cards, Ace and K. This position looks beautiful but in reality, the total score is only 1. If playing Blackjack or Poker, this is a very good position. However, in Baccarat, you only receive 1 point. But don’t worry too much because according to the card rules, if you encounter these two cards. Then your family will be allowed to draw a third card. Therefore, players should not be sad but have faith in the third card!

Example 3

The player is dealt two cards, K and card 9. This is one of the explosive forms of Baccarat card positions . These two cards mean 0 + 9 = 9 points. For those who bet on this card, the card is not only beautiful but also wonderful. This means that the remaining bet must get 9 points to tie. The worst case of these two cards is still a draw. But the probability of you winning is extremely high, so rest assured when this position appears.


Above is all information related to Baccarat card positions . Surely you have a better understanding of the rules related to this game. Hope you will have extremely attractive and interesting card game betting experiences. Wishing players good luck and bringing many victories when playing!

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