What is Automatic Roulette W88? Instructions for playing roulette W88

What is Automatic roulette W88? Roulette is a popular and loved online casino game by many people. With a combination of modern technology and high entertainment, Automatic roulette W88 has attracted many players to participate. In this article, you and W88 will learn about the basics of this game on W88. If you are looking for a new experience and challenge yourself, let’s explore the article about Automatic roulette W88!

What is Automatic Roulette W88?

What is automatic roulette W88? Automated Roulette is a version of the traditional roulette game. Play online on betting sites like W88. Unlike the traditional version, automatic roulette does not require dealer intervention. All operations are performed by a computer system. This makes the game faster and more convenient, while also minimizing errors that can occur during the dealing process.

To know how to play Automatic roulette W88, players will bet on the number boxes on the table marked from 0 to 36. After placing the bet, the system will automatically spin the wheel and roll the balls to determine the result. . The player will win if he bets on the exact number box or group of numbers containing the result of the spin.

What is Automatic Roulette W88?

What is the specific way to play automatic roulette W88?

To start playing Automatic roulette W88, you need to have a login account on the website. If you don’t have one, please refer to the instructions for registering a W88 account at the end of the article.

Once you have an account, you just need to log in and find the automatic roulette game in the list of online casino games. You will see a table with numbers from 0 to 36 marked, along with betting boxes and controls.

To play, you just need to choose the number or group of numbers you want to bet on, then choose the bet level and press the “Spin” button to start spinning the wheel. The results will be displayed instantly and the winnings will be added to your account if you guess correctly.

What are the types of bets in automatic roulette W88?

In the Automatic roulette W88 game, there are many different types of bets for you to choose from. Here are some popular bet types and how to place them:

  • Single number bet: Bet on a single number from 0 to 36.
  • Double number bet: Bet on two adjacent numbers on the marking table.
  • Line bet: Bet on a row of 3 adjacent numbers on the marking table.
  • Vertical line bet: Bet on a column of 12 numbers on the marking table.
  • Odd/Even Bet: Bet on all even or odd numbers on the marking table.
  • Red/Black Bet: Bet on all numbers that are red or black on the marking table.

What are the advantages of Automatic roulette W88?

Convenient and fast

One of the biggest advantages of Automatic roulette W88 is its convenience and speed. Without the need for dealer intervention, you can play online anytime, anywhere with just a phone or computer with an internet connection. This makes the playing experience more convenient and flexible, while also saving you time.

Diverse types of bets

With many different types of bets, Automatic roulette W88 allows you to experiment and find the playing strategy that suits you. You can try betting randomly or following a specific strategy to increase your chances of winning. Having many betting options also makes the game more diverse and interesting.

Fairness and safety

Automatic roulette W88 is controlled by a computer system, ensuring fairness and transparency during the playing process. The results are generated randomly and without the intervention of any factors. This makes playing safer and more reliable, and also helps you feel more secure when participating.

What are the things to note when playing automatic roulette W88?

Money management

One of the important things to note when playing W88 automatic roulette is to manage money appropriately. Before you start playing, you should set a budget and stick to it. Don’t rush to bet too much or in an unplanned way, this can lead to you losing control and causing damage to your account.

In addition, you should also choose betting levels that suit your budget. Don’t rush to bet higher than you can bear, this will help you avoid unnecessary risks.

Learn the rules of the game

Before starting to play, you should carefully learn about the rules of the game. If you are just starting out, choose bets that are simple and easy to understand to increase your chances of winning. Once you are familiar with the game, you can try more complex bets.

In addition, you should also learn about odds and how to calculate winnings so you can make the right decision when betting.

Don’t play for too long

Automatic Roulette W88 is an extremely attractive game and can make players easily addicted. However, you should remember that you should not play too long and too much. Set a time limit for playing and stick to it. If you feel like you are being influenced by the game, stop and find another activity to entertain you.


The above article talks about what is Automatic roulette W88? With convenience, variety of bet types and high fairness, this game has attracted many players to participate. Hopefully through this article about what is Automatic roulette W88, you will have more useful information about automatic roulette W88 and will have interesting experiences when participating in this game on W88

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