What is 1 hour handicap? Learn about how to bet on soccer

What is 1 hour handicap? – When participating in soccer betting games, have you probably heard a lot about the term 1 hour handicap? . But do you know exactly what the 1 hour handicap is? And how to bet according to the 1 hour handicap bet type? In this article, W88 will answer the questions about what is a 1 hour handicap and help you better understand the 1 hour handicap in football.

What is 1 hour handicap?

What is 1 hour handicap? 1 hour handicap is one of the popular types of bets in football, applied to matches with a playing time shorter than 90 minutes such as matches in the National League, National Cup or international tournaments. Handicap means that the weaker team will be added a number of points (handicap) to create balance with the stronger team.

What is 1 hour handicap?

What is the way to calculate 1 hour handicap?

The handicap is calculated based on the odds between the two teams. For example, in the match between Manchester United and Liverpool, the handicap is Man Utd -0.5, Liverpool +0.5. This means that if you bet on Man Utd, this team will have to win by a minimum score of 1 for you to win your bet. Meanwhile, if you bet on Liverpool, this team only needs to get a draw or win for you to win your bet.

How to bet 1 hour handicap?

Choose a team

When betting on a 1 hour handicap, you need to carefully consider the two teams competing. You should learn about the recent achievements of the two teams, the performance of the players, the absence of key players or other factors such as weather, stadium… to be able to make the right decision. .

Read the handicap

To read a handicap, you need to consider the odds between the two teams and the handicap applied to each team. If the odds between two teams are equal or almost equal, this shows that the two teams are of equal strength and betting on the handicap may not be safe. Meanwhile, if the odds for the underdog are higher, this could indicate that this team may have a chance of winning or at least keeping the draw.

What are the benefits of playing 1 hour handicap?

Increase your chances of winning bets

With a 1 hour handicap, you can increase your chances of winning the bet because the weaker team gets an additional handicap point. This helps create balance between the two teams and increases the chances of winning bets for players.

You can bet on the weaker team

With a 1 hour handicap, you can bet on the weaker team and still have a chance to win. This helps increase the attractiveness and diversity for players when participating in soccer betting games.

Frequently asked questions about 1 hour handicap

Is 1 hour handicap different from handicap bet?

Yes, 1 hour handicap only applies to half of the match time (first 45 minutes or last 45 minutes). Meanwhile, the handicap applies to the entire match (90 minutes).

Can I bet on both teams in a 1 hour handicap?

No, you can only bet on one of the two teams during the 1 hour handicap.

Can I use 1 hour handicap in tournaments other than football?

Yes, 1 hour handicap can also be applied in other betting games such as basketball, volleyball, tennis…

Can I use 1 hour handicap when betting online?

Yes, you can use the 1 hour handicap when betting online to monitor and make decisions based on the actual performance of the two teams.


With the above information abou , what is 1 hour the handicap? Hopefully you have a better understanding of the 1 hour handicap and how to bet on this type of handicap in football. To be successful in betting. You need to carefully consider and research before making a betting decision. Wishing you luck and success in soccer betting games!

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